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Pilots with the last name beginning with M

      Ed May was the consummate professional.  I flew with him on DC-8's.

He really enjoyed his job---Ed


    I worked with Tom in the Union. He was outstanding.   As a manager he was our Chief Pilot during the strike.  The clickers were a big deal with Chicago management.  Tom said that management should put out a jar of clickers for anyone who wanted them.

He was a great Chief Pilot and did not let the strike get in the way of his good feelings for his pilots.   His premature death due to cancer was tragic.  --Ed

      Danny McGuinness helped make JFK the place we all grew to love.  Danny is one of God's best creations.  He was always there to be of help to his pilots.--Ed


I see Walt occasionally at Seaplane Pilot Association fly in's.  He purchase a beautiful Republic Seabee after retirement and flys quite a bit. --Ed



    Jack lives winters in Florida and Summers at Long Lake in the Adirondacks.  Long time a seaplane pilot, Jack was a pleasure to fly with.  His seaplane stories were fantastic.  He kept his Cessna 195 at Jim Martin's seaplane base in Peakskill, NY.  He would land the 195 on wheels on a 600 ft strip to convert from wheels to floats each spring.  He was sharp indeed.---'Ed


  Cathy Morley was a mother to us all. She loved the pilots of JFKFO.   We all owe here a debt of gratitude.  Ed


      Rip flew side saddle until the last 727 flew.  He was forced to retire just months before what would have been his 50th anniversary as an employee of United Airlines.  I flew with him on DC-8's,   What a guy.  He attends all our luncheons.  Ed


Augie Miller


Whenever I have heard anyone speaking of Augie Miller it is always with affection and respect. 

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Augie in late 2007.  After nearly 20 years of retirement, he looks much the same as this photo.  ED

Al Mitchell was at the head of the line when the Good Lord handed out a sense of humor.   Who can forget his layover wig during the hippie days.  He continued flying long after retirement and is a frequent guest of our luncheons.  ED


Please can we have some other pilots add to the bios on our JFK base.  Just send them to eddechant@earthlink.net

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