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John Paige was one of our most respected managers.  Always a smile and soft voice.   John is one of the key people at JFK that made the drive from NJ across the Hudson worth it.   From my point of view, JFK was 180 degrees different than EWR.

I flew Viscounts for 6 months out of EWR and that was enough.  ED


    Axel was a great line pilot and a fantastic flight manager.  His death, shortly after retirement, saddened us all.  ED Dave was a legend in his own time.  He was one of the most skilled pilots I have flown with.  ED
  I will never forget the day in Vancouver when my former company, Aero-Marine,  was throwing an interline party in downtown YVR.  In walked Mike, Charlie Walther and Jim Findley.  They added a lot to our party.  ED   Gene was always fun to fly with.  I remember his stories of prairie dog hunting in the mid west.  ED
      Dave is quite the musican.  He was at home in one of Chicago's elegant jazz clubs as he was in an airplane.  Dave left JFK and went to ORD where he was a regular at various clubs. ---ED


    Tom is Mr. Manhattan.  He is in the enviable position of having both an apartment and a 42 foot yacht in the city.  He is an avid opera fan. 

Ona and I have enjoyed our visits with Tom in the big apple.   ED



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