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Jack Scarlett


I do not think there has ever been anyone who flew with Lou that did not enjoy it---Ed


Bob and Maggie have become good friends of Ona and myself.  Bob was 1 number senior to me at JFK on 767.

He became number one about 5 years before we retired.  Thus I was number two.  I used to call Bob to see what he wanted before I bid.

We all had a delightful month in France one year as we did a self drive canal boat and then rented a car and went to Andorra, Spain, and the French Riviera.--Ed 


Anyone who can fit into their first uniform deserves two photos.


Howie Shaw


Fred Siems

Ruth was one of our early women pilots.  She was a command pilot on Air Force Tankers.  I remember flying with her as SO and my self as FO.  The captain did not think much of women in the airplane and let her know it in no uncertain terms, including one time in front of passengers.  She took it like a trooper.  I would have sued the dumb SOB  -- Ed


Stan found his place at JFK with the strike.  He worked tirelessly in the strike office.  It was there that his intellect was discovered by the pilots. --Ed

Jack was one of the best bosses one could ever ask for.  I remember during the 24 hour days.  We were flying LAS layover and he came with us to do a check ride.   As we got to the hotel he told us "between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m I will be gambling in the Flamingo in case you are interested.  I will then go to my room and call it a night.--Ed


Pete has always been a worker and a leader.  No where has this been more apparent than since retirement.  We are fortunate to have him there to keep us together.  -- Ed


I do not think I enjoyed flying with anyone more than with Al Swenson.  We flew often together.   One time in particular we were sent to Pendleton Ore to ferry an airplane back to Denver.   We arrived the afternoon before and came to the airport at 5 a.m.    It was a do it yourself day.   We had to file open our flight plan in the air as the tower was closed.  Remember "Walla Walla Radio this is United 2344, Al?"

Some of you may remember some of the stories I told when I roasted Al at his retirement party.

I hope retirement finds you well.  Come to our luncheons one day.--Ed




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