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Photos of 493 pilots and office staff of JFK are now posted on this website.

Any memories you can share with us of these pilots and personnel will be appreciated as well. Send them in please.  Send them to


RUPA Skyscraper Luncheon --Wednesday June 18th ---Montclair Golf Club in West Orange NJ. More specifics to be sent out in May. Pete Sofman 203-322-0724


We have had requests for a repeat cruise for NY Skyscrapers.  My partners have allowed me to set aside 10 of 25 cabins on the Anacoluthe Impressionist Cruise on the River Seine for March 29. This cruise takes place mostly in April.  April in Paris is a very beautiful time.  The cost will be $900 per person which is $200 per person below the official interline rate.  If you are interested please call 1 866 850 2935.  Tell them this is the special RUPA price.  See details and itinerary at   --Ed DeChant


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Test Your Geography Skills as a pilot


UAL is Worst Stock of 2008---bad management.  Click here to see story


British Aviation Authority institutes immediate changes in light of recent accident:    gives you a panoramic tour of the Airbus 380




I need a good photo of a 747 400.  Does anyone have one?  Send to  Thanks.




The NY pilot group spent more time with each other during the 70's than any other pilot group on UAL.  We were a small domicile and our seniority movement was non existent.  We got to know each other and developed relationships that took us beyond work.  It was a special time with some special memories.  At each luncheon I attend I can see the affection and warmth that you all have toward one another. Now that we are in retirement,  let's keep those relationships and memories going.

 This is your site.  Please take advantage of it.  We will publish anything a NY UAL pilot wishes so long as it is in good taste.   Your opinions, your complaints, your observations are welcome.  News of yourself and of your fellow pilots is especially requested.  Send us photos of your activities.  We have got lots of room on the website for all. 

Best wishes

Ed DeChant


Photo Gallery---------493 photos of the Pilots and Personel who made UAL work in New York  


United Airplanes and Historical Photos  How it all began--Featuring:

Pre-United Airlines-- Early Years - 7 photos                United Airlines Unpressurized Passenger Flights - 9 photos                    Later Prop Fleet-7 photos

The Jets 

People and activities that made JFK Unique-- Photos from the past   25 photos.

Charlemagne Cruise --Recently a large group of NY Skyscrapers took a cruise on the Mosel River with Canal & Company, a European cruise line 25% owned by NY Skyscraper Ed DeChant.  More Photos will be put up later. old RUPA NY website of a year ago.  A good history on how we got screwed.



Luncheon Photos by date.  June 2007   October 2007

Golf Outing Photos   Send in Please

Photos of retired pilots in their retirement activities. ( send in please)


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